Day 6, Evening

This afternoon they did an ultrasound on both of her arms to determine why they had started swelling.  The results were that she has some blood clots in both arms because of the inactivity (they have these sleeves that regularly massage the legs, so her legs are just fine).

First thing in the morning they will take her to surgery to install a filter in the main artery that feeds her heart which will keep the clots from entering her heart.  They’ll go in through a vein, so they won’t need to cut her open.  The nurse doesn’t think that this should slow down the “waking up” process, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how she does.

She hasn’t been very active this evening, but she was so active this morning and has had a big day with the ultrasound and such, so we’re thinking she’s probably just worn out.  When I came in the room, I did ask her to squeeze my hand, and she did so very faintly (not nearly as strongly as she did with Bo and Daddy this morning), so I think she knows I’m here, but she’s just too tired to perform for me!  I’ll be staying the night in her room, so I’ll try talking to her again in the morning before she goes down to surgery.


5 thoughts on “Day 6, Evening

  1. We have posted the blog address for the prayer chain at Nashville UMC. Many people are asking and are praying for Debbie and for all of you. Even though you have been gone for so long, you all still feel like part of our family here. We love ya’ll and will be checking to see how things are going.

  2. Many of us had prayed specifically yesterday for your mom to open her eyes. God is listening to all of our prayers! Please know that we are continually praying in Nashville for your mom and strength for you, Bo, and David. Much love is being sent your way!

  3. Lindsey — Thanks for keeping us posted. Our prayers go out to the entire family for contnued strength to get through this difficult time. Debbie’s an amazing lady.

  4. Dear Debbie,
    I am thrilled at the progress you are making, girl.!….you hand in there! We miss you here at PV and are praying for a speedy recovery! I have been praying for you and your family and have faith that HE will restore you to perfect health. Thank you, Lindsey for your updates. May the Lord give you strength, comfort, and peace!
    Nancy Baker PV Bolles

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