Day 6, Morning

We’ve had an exciting morning!  Around 5:30 Bo (who was staying in Mama’s room for the night) heard the nurse trying to talk to Mama, so he went over to her bed.  Her eyes were open!  He said that she held his hand, and that when she heard him talking she tried to turn her head to look at him.  Her eyes aren’t really focusing on him, but she clearly knew he was standing beside the bed.

Then, when the doctor came in this morning, he was able to get a thumbs up from her on her right side, and she held up two fingers for him on that same side.  Her thumb quivered on the left side, but there wasn’t as clear a reaction.  Daddy said that her left arm and hand are starting to swell a little, so they’re paying attention to those to see what’s going on.  She also raised her arm again, and she wiggled her toes.  The nurse told Daddy that once she gets to this point, things usually start to progress a little more quickly, so yay!

The doctor asked Daddy if Mama likes coffee, which she absolutely does.  At first he suggested that Daddy go get a cup of coffee, that sometimes the smell helps wake people up.  Then he actually changed his mind and he put in an order for a cup of coffee with the nurse and actually had her give Mama some coffee through her feeding tube!  She didn’t really have a reaction to that, but I still find it really funny!

They’ve removed the EEG and they gave her the last dose of the old anti-seizure medication this morning, though it may take a day or so for it to get out of her system.  She’s on the new anti-seizure medication now.  The occupational therapist is still encouraged by her range of motion.  I’m leaving in the next 1/2 hour or so to drive to Jacksonville, so I’ll update again once I see her tonight!


7 thoughts on “Day 6, Morning

  1. Dear David, Lindsey and Bo,

    I’m so very, very happy to read about Debbie’s progress. How wonderful! I, too love your mom so much. Debbie is a wonderful woman with beautiful heart and soul. My husband, Wendell and I are praying for her swift recovery. As Debbie’s manicurist, I can tell you, there is no finer woman in the world! A day doesn’t go by I don’t think of her, as she made beautiful prayer beads for me and Wendell.

    You are sooooo loved, Debbie Hardegree!


  2. We have you all in our prayers and are encouraged by the progress Debbie is making. We appreciate so much you keeping all of us in the loop! We will continue to pray to God for a complete recovery as well as prayers for those providing her care.

  3. So happy to hear there is real progress. Debbie is an amazing woman and has become a real friend over the past year we’ve worked together. I wish for her a speedy and complete recovery. And I wish for all the rest of the Hardegree Clan a peaceful weekend with Debbie.

  4. I am so glad to hear of the progress Debbie’s making. I came to love and admire her in our Stephen Ministry classes, and I know your love and support are helping her every day. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how she is doing. I will keep praying for a speedy recovery. Anne

  5. Great news for today! We are praying that the recovery will improve day by day!
    Debbie- you have lots of friends who love you but you would be so proud of David, Lindsey and Bo! Their love for you is so great that there is no way to measure it! Lindsey, thank you for sending out the progress and updates.

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