Day 7, Morning

Last night was a quiet night – she woke up a couple of times and answered some questions for me by squeezing my hand, but mostly she just slept which was good for her.  This morning she’s been very active – answering lots of questions, lifting her head for the doctor, lots of toe wiggles/thumbs up/hand squeezes.  She’s been answering our questions by squeezing our fingers and also by nodding/shaking her head slightly.

About 10 minutes ago they wheeled her out to take her down to surgery to get the filter put in.  The best guess estimate is that it’ll take about an hour to do the procedure, and then she’ll be back up in her room.  The doctors have been very pleased with her progress this morning, and if all goes well in surgery today and she continues like she has been, they’re hopeful that they can remove the ventilator soon.


5 thoughts on “Day 7, Morning

  1. Praise God, Debbie is getting better. I am praying so hard this morning that all is well with the procedure and I have no doubt that it will be. I know it is so hard to see Debbie like this as she has such a strong presence and for her to not be able to communicate with her voice and smile has to be so hard on her beautiful family. I believe she will be speaking to you soon. I Love You All and when Debbie gets better and reads this, I want her to know I Love her soooooooo much and my heart is so broken that she is having to endure this, but this bump will smooth out and the road and her journey in life will smooth out again and we will have our “Debbie” happy once again. Hugs, Sharon Knight

  2. I am so happy that she is responding they way she is. It is great sign that she is recovering well and fast I hope. I will get some leave here in the future to come visit to see how she is doing then. She has been like a mother to me. Being one of my link up families, it is heart breaking to hear this has happened. I will keep her in my prayers. Tell her I said hi and I hope to talk to her and see her soon.

    1. Praise God ONCE AGAIN!!!! I am so happy that Debbie is doing good. I have been doing yardwork all day and I came in from time to time and checked to see if you had posted so I am so delighted that I have now heard and it is good news. I suspect she will be waking up good in the next few days and I pray that she sleeps good tonight and stays comfortable. Thank you, the “Hardegree Family” for keeping all Debbie’s friends posted on her progress. Oh how I long to hear about when she speaks for the first time and smiles at her beautiful family. Thanks again and I will be looking for all the good news and updates each day. Love and Hugs to all, Sharon Knight P.S. By the way, I got a lot of time with the Lord while I was working in the yard so I have been praying an extra lot today!!!!!!

  3. David,
    Jane and I continue to remember you in our prayers. Many of those who are on my email list for the college reunion have expressed their concern and their intentions to also include you and your family in their prayers.
    Best regards,

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