Day 9, Evening

Mama was quiet for the majority of the day, with lots of resting and sleep.  The neurosurgeon reviewed the cat scan results with Bo and Daddy, and it shows signs of improvement.  The doctors are still encouraged by her progress.  Today her voice has been slowly getting stronger.  She’s still just saying words and short phrases, but she’s getting a little better about speaking louder.


6 thoughts on “Day 9, Evening

  1. God has answered our prayers! I am so happy Debbie is talking, even though in whispers. Love is healing, and I know her recovery is due, in part, to the love she has felt from her sweet family.God bless you all as she continues to improve.

  2. Great news! We are continuing to pray for complete healing…that day by day she will strenghten and have complete recovery. Debbie is so blessed to have such a sweet and loving family…you have carried her through this! We love you! Cary

  3. Debbie, hope to see you soon. I know you’re storing up all those words and when they start flowing, your family better be prepared!!! Thanks to God for all of your improvements. We continue to pray for full recovery. I Love You! Cindy

  4. So very happy that my friend Debbie is improving little by little, but so well, too…You are in my heart and in my prayers everyday, Debbie.
    Much love to you, dee

  5. Have not been able to get on the blog for several days….Debbie’s progress is amazing!!! Am so thankful to read the good news!

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