Day 9, Morning

Yesterday was a good day, but a rough day.  With her off the ventilator, she was able to communicate with us a little bit – if we held our ear really close to her mouth we could hear “hot,” “water,” and “get the nurse.”  However, she did get a bit overstimulated yesterday.  She was fairly restless and agitated which is both good and bad.  It’s good in that her body is waking up more, she’s becoming more alert, and she’s moving around some.  It’s bad because she’s frustrated and scared, and the agitation made her heart rate and blood pressure get a little higher than we would like.

Today has been much calmer.  She’s slept a lot of the day which has been good for her, and she doesn’t seem nearly as restless as she was yesterday.  They took her down for another cat scan just to see how she’s progressing, so hopefully we’ll have those results this evening.

She got her first visit from the speech therapist today, and she’s doing well.  She was able to say the days of the week for us, though it’s still really really quiet.  The speech therapist also evaluates Mama for swallowing.  Yesterday the nurse gave her an ice chip because she really wanted water badly, but she didn’t do so well with it (which was to be expected).  The speech therapist tried again today and Mama did a lot better, but still not quite well enough to get the OK for regular ice chips.  We’ll try again tomorrow and see how she does.  We’re encouraging her to use her voice to get her strength back up.

We also told her a little bit about why she’s here.  She knows that she fell and hit her head and had to have some surgery, but that everything went really well and that the doctors have nothing but good things to say about her progress.  We don’t want to focus on that too much, but we also didn’t want her to feel anxious about being in the hospital without knowing why she is here.


6 thoughts on “Day 9, Morning

  1. All the generous love and care that you have given your family over the years is obviously reflected back in the way they feel about you. I’ve always known that you have a special strength even with that wonderfully soft heart of yours. Hang in there and try to be patient as you heal. The lady’s Women of Faith Sunday School Class that I teach are helping me to pray for you. God loves you and so do I!

  2. David, Bo and Lindsey,

    We’re always so happy to get a phone call from David concerning Debbie’s progression. It is great to read today that she is more alert. Love to all of you.

    Charlotte and Gary

  3. I am so happy Debbie is continuing to make progress. I pray for strength for the family to carry on and stay strong through this tough time also because I know it has been hard on you seeing Debbie like this and wanting so badly for her to be back to her normal self. Thanks so much for the update and I know you are encouraged by just hearing her voice even if it is just a whisper. I think about all of you every minute of every day. Much Love, Sharon Knight

  4. This is such good news. I’ve been reading her progress every day and todays report is very encouraging. I know this has been such a strain on not just Debbie but all of you. I pray for your strength as well as hers.
    Love to you all,

  5. We are thinking and praying for a speedy recovery everyday. Lots of love and good thoughts your way!


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