Day 10, Morning

It was a productive and busy morning.  Early morning Debbie was moved to a chair in order for her to sit up more and to offer a change from the bed.  She liked that.  She was tested for her ability to swallow and can now be given ice chips and we can begin introducing light foods.  The feeding tube will remain in place for at least a couple more days.  Occupational therapy worked with her for muscle tone and exercise.  We will continue with the exercises throughout the days.  Physical therapy came later in the morning, and with their assistance she took about seven small steps.  They were very pleased with her progress.  Debbie’s voice has improved slightly but still can only put together a few words at a time.

Your prayers are being answered and are much appreciated by Debbie and our family. She is aware of your thoughts and prayers.


8 thoughts on “Day 10, Morning

  1. That was a day of tremendous progress!! Keep up the good work with the help of the your family, friends and the professionals! I look forward to reading about your progress each day – amazing!

  2. We are so happy to hear the good news! Please know that all of you, especially
    Debbie, are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope that each day will bring new

  3. David, Thanks for the update, and please take care of yourself. You’ve had such a great attitude throughout this ordeal, and your calm spirit is just what Debbie needs. Tell her that her friends in Nashville are so proud of her hard work and progress and that we can’t wait to come visit when she has recovered!

  4. David & Debbie – Thanks to David for your email – I had not heard of Debbie’s accident. You and your family are in our prayers. We are so happy to read of your progress and pray that it will continue at a rapid pace. We look forward to seeing you back in church soon. Blessings, Kathie & Fran

  5. David, we are so excited and praising God for Debbie’s progress. We look forward to the updates each day and are sending love and prayers to you, Debbie and your children.

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