Day 25, Night

The last two nights Debbie has slept better than any other nights up to now. She needs the rest in order to maintain her very busy daily physical therapy schedule. It is also helpful in that those of us who spend the days and nights with her can get some much needed rest in order to be there to support her during this critical time in her recovery.

Her appetite has improved somewhat and that is encouraging. She needs the protein to complement her healing and therapy regiment. She is finally settling in to the Brooks scheduling policies and procedures after her first week there, but she is looking forward to going home, hopefully in a couple of weeks. We do not have a definitive timeframe for her release yet. After she is released from the hospital, she will begin a four day a week, all day physical therapy schedule at the Brooks outpatient therapy clinic. We are all very pleased with her progress.


2 thoughts on “Day 25, Night

  1. Hey everybody. Hope Debbie is continuing to improve and is sleeping much better. I know the sleep will be the key to her getting better and I hope she will continue to do well. I can’t believe it has been three weeks since the accident. Please let us know when she may be able to receive visitors because I would like to try and come see her when she is ready. I will go to MD Anderson on October 18 for a few days to get my check up and sure do hope all is well. I pray for Debbie every day and I know with her determination that she is going to be back to normal soon and more thankful that she has ever been for just being “normal”. Many many HUGS for all of you. Love, Sharon Knight

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