Day 33, Night

Yesterday Mama got to take a field trip! As a part of her therapy the day before she had to create a list of things to buy at Walgreens, and yesterday she actually went on a shopping trip. Mama, Daddy, and two therapists visited the Walgreens next door to the rehab center. The first (and most important) item on her list was a Hershey bar, which she promptly devoured upon returning to her room. She had to find all the items from her list without help, and then take them to the register, pay for them, and make correct change.

She’s still needing some assistance to maintain her balance walking, but after today she will have to walk to her therapy sessions rather than go to them in a wheelchair. Her target date for going home is October 13th and she is looking forward to next Wednesday.


7 thoughts on “Day 33, Night

  1. hi debbie – you are such a trooper – i knew we could count on you to be diligent with your rehab! – would love to visit when you are up for it! – keeping you & your family in my prayers daily

  2. Hi Gang,

    I’m sooooo happy that Debbie continues to improve daily and know she’ll be happy to be back home in her own environment soon. And that will also be so much easier on you as well. How diligent all of you have been!
    Love to you all.

  3. Debbie, I would have gone for the Hersey bar too. I have kept up with your progress via the web site. (Thank you David and Lindsey) I am praying for you each night. Keep the faith! You will be home soon.

  4. Yeh!!! Debbie!!!! I am sooooooooo glad you are going home Wednesday. That is the best medicine yet and I know you will just be so happy to be in your home in your own bed. I am praying for you and so is my Bible Study. I Love You and I hope to talk to you soon when you are ready but don’t want to overwhelm you. Much Love and Lots of Hugs, Sharon Knight

  5. Dear Debbie and David,
    What wonderful news!!! I know you can’t wait to be back in your own beautiful, remodeled home!! I miss you and wish they would have let us visit, but what great progress you’ve made in our absence! We are here to help in any way you need – in the meantime, keep fighting the good fight. God bless you, dear friends.
    xoxoxo susan

  6. Yey, Debbie! You are my kind of girl. I’d go for the chocolate on my first shopping trip too! That in itself tells me that you are on the road to full recovery!

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