A Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

So sorry that it’s taken a month to update! Mama is still making progress, though the pace is much slower (which is to be expected). She’s still attending 6 hour therapy sessions four days a week, and she’s doing more at home. Over Thanksgiving Bo and I went to Jacksonville for the holiday, and we all went to Thanksgiving dinner at a local country club so that we didn’t have to deal with cooking or cleaning. While we were home we also went to see the new Harry Potter movie, and it was Mama’s first time at a movie theater since the accident. We’d been concerned that since she’s sensitive to loud sounds and has been having some trouble with dizziness/vertigo that a movie might not be a good idea, but she did great!

Now that Mama’s slowly becoming more active she’s helped with organizing some things around the house and starting to help cook meals as well. She barely remembers anything from being at Mayo, and we’re getting her up to date with everything that happened. She’s amazed at how many visitors she had, and is so grateful for all the love and support she’s been receiving from friends and family. She looks great (with the way she parts her hair you can’t even see the scar on her head), and she’s feeling better each week.


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