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Merry Christmas!

Greetings to you all. We wish you a joyous Christmas and hope your Christmas Day was perfect! Please join us in celebrating that on Thursday, December 23, I completed the Brooks Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program. I still have to get new glasses so I can see better and then I will return to Brooks to be certified to drive . . . something I am looking forward to.

We want to thank each of you who has checked on me and prayed for my recovery. Your prayers have been meaningful. We thank you for your gift of time and devotion. We have had a good day. I am experiencing more good days than bad and am improving each day. Today’s Christmas is a reminder to us all that God is indeed about His business and has blessed our family in many ways. One of our special blessings is your friendship and prayers for my recovery. We hope you have had a wonderful day today. Merry Christmas to you all.