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A brief rundown of the events after Debbie’s surgery, but prior to this blog’s existence:

Debbie was moved to the SICU after surgery.  She remained in a medically induced coma for about 18 hours.  The point of this was to control her blood pressure as the primary method for combating a fib is to utilize blood thinners, which you don’t want to administer after brain surgery.  They took her off the sedative around 7:30AM on Monday, Sept. 6, but she did not wake up. The medical team has informed us that it could take up to a week for her to wake up, so while they would have liked for her to wake up immediately, they are not worried that she’s still not awake.

Once they removed the bandage from Debbie’s head, her face became very swollen and bruised, which was anticipated.  The pressure in her brain has remained consistent, which is good.  They hooked her up to an EEG on Sept. 6 to monitor her brain activity for seizures, which they had the EEG hooked up they did not witness any seizures, though it does appear that there may have been some seizure activity prior to the EEG.  On the morning on Sept. 7 they removed the EEG, and they’ve doubled her anti-seizure medication as a precaution.

They conducted an MRI on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 7 to learn more about her brain function.