Day 14, Night

Mama’s appetite has gotten a lot better today – she had about half of her pancakes and banana at breakfast, most of her turkey sandwich at lunch, and all of her Cheerios and half a piece of pie for supper!  She’s also starting to feed herself some – if we cut up the food, she’s pretty good at getting it to her mouth.  Mama walked halfway down the hallway again, and I think she could have walked back to her room if she hadn’t gotten dizzy from turning around.

She’s still quite restless, and she’s so sick of being in the hospital.  She’s really ready to go home, and she was THRILLED when they released her from the SICU and moved her to a new, regular hospital room this evening.  Now the nurses will check her vitals every 4 hours instead of every hour, so hopefully she’ll get more sleep than she’s been getting.  They’re also removing some of the monitors from her, and since she hates all the beeping noises, she should be more comfortable now.


7 thoughts on “Day 14, Night

  1. So thrilled to hear Debbie is still progressing!
    All of us at The Bolles School continue to send our love and prayers!
    Come Onnnn , Debbie…….! Can’t wait for the day we welcome you back!!!!
    The children miss you……

  2. Hello Hardegree family –

    Mrs. Debbie is a beloved client at Briarcliff Animal Hospital, where I have worked for many years. I wanted to stop by to let you guys know that she is in my prayers this morning. She is an incredible lady that always brings a smile to my face. Wishing and praying for a speedy recovery for Ella and Olive’s “mom”. Please let her know that we, (her Briarcliff family) love her and will be praying for her.

    Kelly Hill

  3. Good Morning Debbie. It is Sunday morning and I just wrote a nice note to you but somehow it got erased. I pray you had a restful evening in your “regular” hospital room and the nurses let you get a few winks in between their taking blood pressure, etc. The hospital is a place of rest but not sleep!!!! I remember all too well. I am so glad to hear that you are up and about and eating more and more. Oh I pray that you will be going home soon but I know it will come when the doctor’s feel you are ready.

    I am sending a huge big HUG until I can get it to you in person, but I know the Lord has you tightly wrapped in His arms and your family is there for you. It is times like this that we feel so much love from those that love us the most!!!!! Of course, GOD is on top of that list. You are so much loved by your friend, Sharon, and I will wait to hear of that glorious day when you get to go home. In the meantime, be a good patient and do what the doctor tells you to do!!!! I LOVE YOU, SHARON KNIGHT

  4. I can relate to your being tired of staying in the hospital. I had a lengthy stay at the hospital about 3 years ago and it was tough. I’m so glad that they graduated you to a regular room, that you are becoming more confident in walking, that you are eating real food and that you are talking some. What great progress you are making! I just know that God has His loving arms around you, cheering you on like the rest of us!

  5. Great news Debbie so glad you are doing better. Lindsey is doing a great job of keeping us up with your progress. Keep it up girl.

  6. Dear dear Debbie. After hearing prayer requests (at church) for you, my friend, I contacted Dave to hear of your remarkable journey since that Sunday morning. Our household is cheering for you and lifting you up. We know God is with you.

    Keep shining Debbie and know how much you are loved and supported by the many fans you’ve made along the way. God bless you and your family!

    Hugs and blessings,

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